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Aug 29, 2009 6:00am EDT
just did a dvd called rediscovering god in america which includes a section on washington. and i'm very intrigued with the extraordinary job that mount vernon has done in blding a remarkable education center, which i encourage everyone who comes to washington to go see. i would be very tempted someday to write aovel aut washington personally. i think washington's life is so amazing. he is such a personal odyssey in the development of freedom and he's so little understood, but it would be very daunting because washington is maybe the most complex american. i'd be pretty intimidated right now to try to explain his mind and explain how he operated. >> host: we have about 5 minutes left in our first hour of three with author, writer newt gingrich and also former speaker of the house and historian. we're spending three hours talking about his 14 books over his ceer so far. the next telephone call is from jacksonville, florida. you're on the air. >> caller: hello and thank you r c-span and congratulations to brian lamb on his presidential medal of freedom. mr. gingrich, you spoke earlier abou
Aug 29, 2009 7:00am EDT
with america with over 300 million americans you have to pick a handful of big ideas, talk about them and leslie and gradually over time you'll build an effect in a residence and the country it will learn and have a genuine dialogue. >> host: san diego, you are on thair, i like to talk about how the american enterprise institute that mr. gingrich is associated with is highlighted in the book frequently. i would like to address some key aspects that have not been brought up. a first of all, mr. gingrich i it was at a presentation and was unable to ask a questiobecause of the democratic moderator there wouldn't call in may because i had a challenge richard perle the day before about agenda associated with that you. the project with a new american century which has been disbanded only in name only and you are a propagandist of these people. you can't look yourself up in that wall is a book about the power of low lobby called the israel lobby and u.s. foreign policy. there is a media blackout in america. 60 minutes and c is refusing to do a segment on it yet these the esteemed political s
Aug 8, 2009 7:00am EDT
'm an intern scholar here at young america's foundation. we're the nation's leading group for young conservative students. if you're a conservative student, please join us in the fight for freedom and liberty and visit us online at or you can give us a call at 1-800-usa-1776. we can help you start a club and even bring a campus speaker to your campus. past speakers include anne coulter, newt gingrich, ben stein and many others. please, join us in our fight for freedom today. give us a call. our next speaker is dr. burt folsom. [cheers and applause] dr. folsom first realized he wanted to be a teacher when he was in the eighth grade, and i think his mom would be proud because he's blossomed into an awesome conservative academic. he's a professor of history at hillsdale college and works every day to help insure liberals fail in their quest to rewrite history. he's spent years teaching young people history the left would love to have forgotten. his latest book is entitled new deal or raw deal, and he's here to talk to you about just that today. this book exposes how fdr did
Aug 8, 2009 6:00am EDT
that people don't have access to health care. that is al lie. emergency rooms in america are not allowed to turn anybody away. they have access. [applause] and so, when you start trying to share the facts with the liberals, they changed the subject on you. they don't want to hear the facts. the good news about the whole health-care deform legislation -- i want you to get that into your lexicon -- the good news is you and i and the american people have been able to slow it down. [applause] before you reverse something, the laws of physics say that you have to slow it down first. we are not going to turn it around overnight, but it is slowing down. why? many of the american people are starting to understand what they were trying to ram down the throats of the american people. we have had an opportunity to read some of it. those who did not get an opportunity to read it, have had an opportunity to listen to someone who has. a lady by the name of dr. betsy mccloy-- mccoy. i had her on my radio show. on my website page -- herman cain, like kane and abel in the bible, but i did not
Aug 22, 2009 7:00am EDT
want to build up. along the way, the implication began in new york city, grameen america, as i mentioned. in new york city in jackson height in queens and also now expanded to manhattan, we just crossed the 1,000 mark so we have now over 1,000 borrowers in that program. an amazing thing is that we followed the same grameen principles, and five women getting together, taking individual loans, being responsible individually and take the loans for income-generating purposes and create their own employment, make a living for themselves and they're very proud of their ability to handle that. and the repayment has remained over these years from january, 2008, up till now near 100%. so this is an amazing thing that happens and we're invited to do it in omaha. and i hope to see those same kind of success in omaha also. so other cities are inviting us from san francisco, los angeles, durham, north carolina, and so on, and boston and baltimore. so we're hoping that maybe we should be starting programs there also. so this is the kind of things that i tried to focus with the intention that
Aug 1, 2009 7:00am EDT
america secure should be rooted in the values that the -- define our nation. values like resilience, shared responsibility, standing up for what is right. these are the values that led us to fight and win two world wars. that were on display in the dark days after the september 11th attacks. we must embrace them again now. so, how do we secure our homeland and stay true to our values? we do it with four level of collective response. it starts with the american people from there it extends to local law enforcement and, from there, up to the federal government, and then, finally, out beyond our shores. where america's international allies can serve and do serve as pans in a collective fight against terrorism. in the last four weeks alone, i have traveled nearly 30,000 miles. from islamabad to seattle. engaging partners in all of these levels. we have brokered international agreements, launched new partnerships, and challenged our citizens to play their part in our collective security. we face a common threat, it requires a collective response. and we must face that threat and coordina
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6